How to Add a Cane Base to your Order

Ordering a supportive base in addition to a cane is a great option for those looking for unmatched stability and balance. We highly recommend the Safetbase Self Standing Cane Tip. The Safetbase is available in black or brown and can be ordered at a 16mm or 18mm size. Please be sure to check the specifications of your cane to ensure that it has a tip size of either 16mm or 18mm. To find out where to view this information, please click here.

Once you have verified that your cane is a fit for the Safetbase, you can click either of the following links to view the brown or black base.

You can also access these items on by hovering your mouse over the accessories section and selecting Supportive Bases and Large Tips.

You will then see that the black and brown Safetbases are the first two items displayed on the page.

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